Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 14: July 24, 2016- Berlin

Today is our travel day from Amsterdam to Berlin. I can honestly say that I'm almost heartbroken to leave Amsterdam because it was such a lovely city, and everything felt easy there, but it was A LOT of walking, so I can say that I'm excited to go to a city where I'll be getting a metro pass!! Oh, the things we take for granted!
My morning started at 6:15 AM because we all had to be downstairs at 6:45AM to get ready to leave. I was able to get all my things down before time, thinking that today would be an easier travel day since I only had two bags (I bought another one so I could fit all of my things back with versus having to ship anything. Let's just say I've done a great deal of shopping and I don't plan on throwing anything away!) However, I was completel wrong.
After we all met downstairs, we had breakfast and began our travels to Central Station. The two bags that I thought would be easy to carry and travel with proved me completly wrong!! They were so heavy and it made it almost impossible to lug my bags and keep up with the group. After several bag exchanges between Kempson, Jasmane, and I, and several pauses and pep talks, we finally made it to the station.
It was hot and the train looked like it was going to be crowded. Everyone was already tired, but we knew we still had a long day ahead of us because our train was supposed to be 6 long hours!!! When the train approached, there was a great deal of confusion if we should get on or not, and at the last minute, we all had to make that move and drag our luggage on before the doors closed!! I promise I could feel my entire body shattering! Then, we found out that we would have to switch trains in about an hour or so. The day was getting longer.
Once we arrived to the next station, we swtiched trains and had to rush to get on the other one! Just our luck, the train was overcrowded and did not have seats for everybody, nor did it have air. We were all very upset and frustrated. Getting to Germany was so much harder than we anticipated.
After about 5 hours, we finally made it to Germany!! It was extremely hot, and we were all tired and sweating and had all these bags to lug in and out of the crowds of people. Making it to the hostel was our saving grace!! By far, this was the toughtest travel day, but if this is any indicationh of how our time in Germany will be, I guarantee it will be nothing short of interesting!