Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 18 7/6/16

  This morning was a little rough because of the Moulin Rouge last night! I slept in late after being woke up early by construction outside of our window. After getting ready, it was off to the motherland aka Louis Vuitton Headquarters. The credit card machines were down on monday when we went, so Court, Macy and I put pieces on hold. I ended up picking up a key holder and a clutch bag! Macy and Court got wallets and we all wanted to get our items hot stamped. The sales associate took us up an escalator to the second floor, which has clothes, shoes and luggage. Then we went up a special elevator that would only move with a certain card. The elevator took us up the fourth floor which is where hot stamps and repairs are done! The repair shop has so many tool, all canvases and lots of leather! It was so cool to see our items get stamped! The store was so fabulous and better than I had dreamed of! We got to leave out of the secret VIP exist! Another fabulous experience that I will never forget!!
  Later, we met back with the whole group at the Museum of Counterfeiting. I have been looking foward to this visit for a while! I watched a television special all about counterfeiting so I am super interested in the subject. The museum had everything from luxury goods, makeup, pharmaceuticals, car parts and more! The speaker, Antoine, told our group that the most frequent brand to be counterfitted is Bic. I thought that was so random because they make pens and razors. A reason is because the products are cheap to make, so they can be sold for a great profit. Also, Bic makes a variety of products and uses cheaper materials. The museum was my favorite company visit so far and the speaker kept me so entertained!! After the visit, Macy, Court and I did research (I love that it involves going into Sephora) and enjoyed a nice Italian dinner!