Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 17: Paris day 3

The third day in Paris was very interesting. We started off the day by getting some breakfast from the city and then heading over counterfeit museum. We arrived a bit early so we decided to walk around some, and ended up walking to this plaza with a pretty fountain.  The counterfeit museum was very interesting, I didn't know so much stuff has been counterfeited. I learned that bic is the number one counterfeit item because it's easy to produce and smuggle into another country. I also never knew that people tried to counterfeit car parts until going to this museum. Overall this museum was very interesting and Antoine was very funny while giving the tour. After that we decide to go try to do some more research. I got one interview and then tried to find the skatepark but needed better directions. Then we decided to head back to the school to eat dinner. After dinner we went to Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre and saw an incredible view of Paris, then we got some gelato and headed back to the campus.