Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 20 Paris 7/8/16

  Last day of the trip!! Cant believe it is already here! This morning the marketing class had to attend a guest lecture when this day was always planned to be a free day! I was not too happy about that! After the lecture, Macy, Court and I went to Paul's for lunch and then headed to Disneyland! The train ride was about 45 minutes. I have never been to any Disney park so I was very apprehensive if i would like it. I originally didn't want to go but didn't know what else I would do in the city. The price to get in was the same as in the US. They had a Walt Disney Studios park and the Disneyland park. We went to the studio park first where we got in line for the Tower of Terror. I was really surprised how much detail went into every building to make them look like the movies. The ride consisted of being in a elevator when it would drop suddenly! Luckily, I was strapped in because I was lifted out of my seat. I told Macy and Courtney that I had never been to an amusement park or road a roller coaster, so naturally that is what we did next!! We approached the Rockin Roller Coaster (the theme was Aerosmith) I got nervous when I saw the speed the coaster took off at! Macy warned me to keep my head back so I wouldn't get whiplash. The ride was pretty crazy and even flipped me upside down! I was glad I didn't know this because I may have chickened out! A camera took a photo of our group on the coaster and I had to buy it!! I plan to put it in my dorm this fall :)

  Next, we saw went to the Disneyland Park where we saw Sleeping Beauty's castle!! There was a parade going on so we only had to wait 5 minutes to ride Space Mountain!! That coaster was so crazy I had a hard time keeping my head back! We also road the magic carpet ride and the Cruising Coaster, which was based off of Finding Nemo. That was my favorite ride because we sat in a turtle shell! We also road the spinning tea cups which were very fun! We worked up an appetite so we had hot dogs and fries. To finish out the day, we road the carousel, got ice cream and bought souvenirs! Macy, Court and I left Disney early so we could climb the Arc de Triomph at night!! The view was stunning and we got a lot of great pictures! Such a fun way to end the last day! It was late and I still had to go back and pack to leave tomorrow!!