Friday, July 29, 2016

July 27 Day 17- Berlin

Today we went out and finished our city assignments and we went on the river cruise. Since we've spent so much time in Alexandriaplatz, we finally decided to check out Primark because we've seen a lot of people with bags from there. It was the best decision we've made since we've been on this trip. They had the best sale I've seen that wasn't for a company going out of business. We got caught out in the rain but luckily enough we made it to the train station without being soaked. After making it back to Friedrichstrabe station, we walked through the flooding streets once the rain calmed down. After making it to the hostel, we had enough time to sit our stuff down, take a deep breath, and head back downstairs for the river cruise. The river cruise wasn't as nearly as interesting as the first two and the staff was rude.