Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 4

This morning we had a guest speaker come and talk to us about marketing, and it was actually a very helpful and informative lecture! We took the bus into the city, and tried to find a map that better showed the streets because we had been having a hard time finding certain areas. We finally made it to Henry Street where there are a ton of shops, great for our research. The stores were actually so massive that it was overwhelming, we still got to talk to a few people and learn some things though. The sizes here are very small, what says is a US size 2 actually looks kid sized. I would say a size 8 is about the same as a US size 4. We were tired from staying out late last night, so we decided to get dinner and then come back to the dorm. We got on bus 13, but without realizing, we got on the bus going the WRONG DIRECTION. We noticed that nothing looked very familiar but we just assumed we were taking a different route. After a long time of riding on the bus, we started to panic a little bit. Luckily a nice man overheard us and asked if we were lost. We then told him the area we were trying to get to and he told us we needed to get off of the bus and go across the street, and another bus 13 would take us where we needed to be. THANK GOD FOR THIS MAN. We had actually gone about an hour south of Dublin, and had to come all the way back up to DCU. The total bus ride took us 2 hours. We learned a great lesson though, and I'm so grateful for that kind Irish man.