Sunday, July 10, 2016

Paris day 5

The last day in Paris was the best day yet. We went to Disneyland and I am a huge Disney fan so this was the best ay ever for me. We took the metro there and it literally drops you off right at the gates. After we got there we went straight to riding rides and doing  other Disney things. We rode all of our favorite rides and we got to do pretty much everything we wanted because it wasn't busy at all and the lines were super short, the longest we waited was about thirty five minutes. When we were doing our last few things in Disney before leaving there was a small parade featuring Frozen's Elsa and Ana and they were singing Let it Go in French and it was so fab that I teared up. After we went left we went straight to the Champs to go up the Arc. This was the most beautiful view in Paris. We climbed up the stairs to the top and timed it just right to view it as the sun was setting. The sun sets super late in Paris so this was about 10:15 PM and the Eiffel Tower started lighting up. The views were so amazing I was hitting myself because I didn't bring along my Nikon, so my iPhone camera just had to do. Although pictures wont do the views any justice. When Mace, Sierra, and I were at the top all I could think was I don't want to leave and I almost cried. Paris was my favorite city and I cant wait to go back.