Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Paris Day 2

Today, I woke up feeling refreshed and looking forward to another day. I felt like I have been here for a while even though it’s only been one day. One thing I definitely noticed is that Paris requires a lot more walking around, but it’s worthwhile to view many attractions throughout the city. It’s amazing how the culture is so different here compared to Nashville.  One of the main things that I noticed is that many people are on the go, especially on the tram or the metro. Sometimes I might see someone running or quickly walking to get to his or her destination. This indicates to me that people are probably very busy and that they have places to go.

Secondly, the Parisian attractions are some of the most important parts of the cultural atmosphere. One of the greatest sights that I had the opportunity to experience is the Sacre-Coeur. This landmark was magnificent from the outside, and even more spectacular on the inside. The inside contained many religious sculptures that caught my attention from the moment I entered the building. Then, as I was leaving, I was able to witness a rainbow with the whole city in my viewpoint. It was such a wonderful scene, and it characterized the beauty that Paris is known for. In addition, my group also had the opportunity to visit the Denfert area. I could tell that this district was more known for its shops and restaurants. There seemed to be more people, more cars, and more activities. This area had the feel of a very active environment, and I enjoyed the atmosphere within this area because it allowed me to get a sense of normal everyday events that occur within the Denfert area. One thing of note was that this area had many farmers market type shops. I thought this was quite interesting because there was a mixture of these market type shops with restaurants and other convenience shops. Overall, I just enjoyed the atmosphere of being able to experience the customs of the city.