Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 6

Today was a very interesting day full of being on the metro all day! Ashley, Jasmine, and I got up around 9:30a and headed to Disneyland. it took us almost an hour to get there but it was pretty direct we only had to ride 2 trains. Once we got to disney we went to the line and tried to get in but we found out that we bought the wrong ticket. At first it was no big deal we thought we’d be able to pay the difference of the online prices because we bought the ticket online. come to find out we couldn’t and had to pay the difference of the price at the gate which was an extra 40 euros. Jasmine and myself didn’t want to pay the difference do we decided to head back and meet up with Kempson and finish our project for Paris. We had to go to the 16, 1, and 2 districts. we started with the 16 because it was the farthest away. we walked around to find a butcher shop and a supermarket. it took a minute to find the butcher but someone told us where we could find one. after that we decided to eat over there as well at small sandwich place that was pretty reasonably priced. next, we were off to continue our journey to the first district. This is the city centre so it was very crowded with people shopping, eating, and enjoying the weekend. here we found the butcher pretty quick but were turned around finding a supermarket because the GPS wasn’t picking up our location well. None the less, we found it and we walked to the second district which is right next to the first. Here we first walked into a grocery store that was only frozen food. I thought that was cool because we don’t have those in the U.S. In France everything is separate. Theres a separate store for fresh fruit and vegetables, A butcher, and supermarket for everything else like packaged food and wine, and basic necessities. They are usually in the same general area though. We finally were finished and made our way back to the university to pack and wash clothes to prepare for leaving in the morning.