Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 19 Paris 7/7/16

  The day started earlier than usual for me with visit to the Museum of Fashion. I stood right in front of a Chanel Haute Couture dress that probably took a few hundred hours to complete! Pictures could not be taken in the museum but when nobody was looking I did touch a navy Balmain velour mini dress!! It was so fabulous!! There were several dresses on display that Audrey Hepburn wore and even her  whole hat collection! This trip was so worth the early morning! After the museum, Macy, Court and I went to grab sandwiches at Paul's before we went out for the day! After lunch, we went over to the Louvre to take pictures. At 4, we were meeting the rest of the group to climb the Eiffel Tower. In the meantime, we found a carnival and had ice cream! The carnival was a lot cleaner and better built than I have seen in the US. We could see the Eiffel from the carnival so we decided to walk there! The walk was so pretty but took 45 minutes to finally arrive at the tower!! We didn't think it was that long of a walk hahahaha
 Before the group arrived, we got water and shopped in the gift shop. Then it was time to climb!! I was excited to climb but my ultimate goal was to take the tram to the very top because I didn't make it there last year. The climb up to the first platform was over 300 steps!! I was pretty tired after that! In total I climbed 669 just going up and then all over again coming down. None of our group had enough time to make it to the top because we had to catch a river cruise. I was disappointed but plan to one day be proposed to on top of the Eiffel (mainly so I can say Oui instead of Yes) so I will get to the top sooner or later!! After the tower, the group went on the river cruise which was pleasant. Then for dinner Macy, Court and I went to have snails at our favorite restaurant. We tried to eat quick so we could climb the Arc de Triomph when it was night time! We rushed there and darted out in front of traffic but we were too late!! We sat on the Arc for a while, when a celebration started because France won the futbol game they played! Cars we speeding around the Arc with people hanging out the windows holding the French flag. Smoke bombs and firework were going off while everyone was singing a song (I think was there national anthem). It was a fun way to end the night!