Friday, July 29, 2016

Berlin Day 4- Site Visits

Day 4 in Berlin was a time to start the countdown for heading back to the states. I enjoyed being on this trip, and it is just amazing that there is only 2 more full days left until we leave Germany. One of the things that amazed me with this trip was how time flew by. I was grateful just to be able to experience all three cities, and I knew that I only had so much time until the trip ended. Today, the plan was to visit some more sites around Berlin.

We started out our journey by stopping in a local area of Germany. This area was definitely different because it had a lot of graffiti over the walls, and it seemed like there was not that much there at first. After walking through the area a little more, we noticed a small disco tech phone booth, a skate park area, and murals painted on the walls. The place seemed like it had a relaxed vibe, but a unique cultural edge to it. We also saw parts of the Berlin Wall that was spray painted with graffiti. The graffiti was such a nice addition to the wall because the wall was probably a plain gray color at first, and the paint added a unique touch to it. I remember on Monday, when our tour guide showed us the Berlin Wall at another part of the city, and it was literally just a plain gray color, and she even stated that she expected a lot more when she first saw the wall. She told us about the background history behind it, and it made the wall more amazing. People did things by the wall such as taking pictures or acting like they were pushing the wall, which I thought was a nice comical thing to do for this attraction.

We finished off the day by spending some leisure time around the area, and heading back to the hostel.