Friday, July 29, 2016

Paris Day 7-Travel Day

Today was another day for traveling. I made sure that my morning went at ease by preparing everything the night before and cruising into my travel mode on travel day. I was glad that I prepared well because I was able to get ready in a relatively short time period. I also felt good knowing I already packed up everything the night before, so I could officially say that I left nothing in the room.

Secondly, the travel process went pretty well. This was actually my first ever train ride from country to country. It was a different travel method for me, but I felt comfortable with riding the train. Especially when I understood that the train ride is only going to be about two and a half hours long, I felt like this is not going to be too bad. The train seats were very comfy and I was able to simply relax, read my book, and listen to podcasts. This was such a great opportunity for me to utilize my time and be productive. I actually finished more of my tasks than expected, and I was grateful for the train ride experience.
Thirdly, we reached our destination in Amsterdam. When I first stepped outside into the main city area, I noticed a great difference between Amsterdam and Paris. One of the main things of note was that there were more types of transportation utilized here than Paris. I was a little surprised by this fact. The most interesting part was when it came for us to cross the street, because we had to think about cars, trams, and bicycles. Furthermore, I noticed that Amsterdam was more of a laid-back type of environment. People seemed very relaxed in the park, and they just took leisurely walks down the street. In addition, I had to get used to communicating in English again because I became used to using French while in Paris. With all of these qualities, I felt like it was going to be an easier process to acclimate myself to Amsterdam.