Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 6: My Last Day in Paris, July 16, 2016

Today was a bittersweet day, knowing that it would be the last time on this trip that I would see the sun come up and go down in Paris. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I am so happy to have had this experience. But, it would get even better, because today, I went to DISNEYLAND!!!!
The morning was rough. The tickets that we had purchased were not able to be used on this day, and despite previous conversations, everything was already done. So, I was the only one who agreed to pay more to get in. I was very lonely and I felt really bad for everybody, not being able to have the day they thought they would, and even though I was having a rough time, I called my support system and decided that this was Disneyland, one of my favorite places, in Paris!!! I didn't know the next time I would have this experience, so I was going to have a good day regardless!! And that it was!
After my first ride, my attitude shifted. Being a frequent visitor of Disneyland and Disney World, I had a lot of expectations, but I also had to remember to enjoy every experince that was offered to me. My best friend reminded me that things don't always go as planned. Thats life, but it is always possible to make the best out of things. Disneyland Paris was amazing!! I loved every single second I got to spend in the parks! It was absolutely beautiful and I got to go along with the flow on my terms, so I pretty much got to do everything as I pleased. Although I'm sad that others didn't get to share this experience with me, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do so. Thank you, Paris, for giving me the experience of a life time!! Until we meet again, au revior!!!!