Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 5

Today we started our day by going to the Palace of Versailles!! We waited for the tram to come and it was something going on with it so we took rer b and picked up another train that took us to Versailles. It was a pretty long ride Ashley and I ended up falling asleep for a little bit and Jasmjne and Kemson had to wake us up when we got there. As we walked up approaching the place it was gorgeous! We could see the gold gates, Louis the 14ths statue pointing out toward Paris, and the huge palace all in the background! We walked up to get in line then went through security then we're headed to start the tour. The tour started with seeing the expansion of the museum over the years then we went to see the living quarters. There were so many paintings, gold everywhere and chandeliers in almost every room. My favorite room in the palace was the mirror room because of all the mirrors! One thing I noticed while going through the living quarters was that their beds back then were a lot smaller than ours today. We next went to walk through the gardens which was my favorite part of Versailles by far! The gardens during this time had the musical fountains so it made it even better! When we first walked in and went to the start of them you could look out and see over the garden and it was such an amazing view! Everything was very well kept, clean, and all of the grass and bushes were cut perfectly. We went to the mirror fountain to see the musical fountain show and that was pretty cool! They make the fountains go up I. Different designs that match the music. By this time we had been at Versailles all day so we decided to leave and head to the dorm to put things we had bought away hen head to the Eiffel Tower.

At the Eiffel Tower we did the walking up tour. We walked up to the first and second tier then caught the elevator to the top! I had never Walked up so many steps before in my life but it was so worth the view! We could see all over Paris and really see how big the city is! It's huge! I got a lot of great pictures from there. After that we went to do the river cruise. We had to literally run down the steps to make it in time but we did! The cruise was very relaxing and nice to sit back and enjoy the view of Paris I enjoyed it. We ended the night going for pizza close to the dorm and sat and talked. Today was great we marked two important things off our Paris bucket list!