Friday, July 29, 2016

Berlin Day 3- River Cruise

Day 3 in Berlin was more of a free day for me, but I still had to focus on getting some school work done. Today, I was just ready to get out of the hostel and get some work done. I started out the day with my normal routine, and I made sure to leave at an earlier time to get to the gyms around their opening times. My plans for today entailed getting more interviews, working on district assignments with the group, and taking the river cruise towards the evening.

I left the hostel early in the morning and headed out to interview some gym managers. Lately, I noticed that one of the best ways to get an interview is to call ahead of time. This helped me have some form of introduction with the companies, so that they would not be surprised when I request of an interview on such short notice. I actually got to do an interview at one of the gyms that I called yesterday, and it helped out a great deal.
Then, my group stopped at Alexanderplatz area. This area literally has events going on every day. They had things like human blow up balls for kids; dancing street performers; and a plethora of restaurants. The main thing that really caught my attention was the dancing street performers. This particular performance had two guys who were dancing to various hits from the 80s to now. They danced to songs with Michael Jackson, the Men in Black theme song, and even a comedic performance with the Titanic theme song.

Lastly, the entire group planned for the river cruise. Before the cruise, the most interesting thing happened because flooding rain started pouring down about two hours earlier, and it was sunny right before. The rain was so much that the water reached the rim part of some of the cars that traveled through the road. Even though this occurred, the rain stopped right before the river cruise excursion. The cruise excursion was a nice way to end the day because I was able to relax and enjoy some of the attractions along the river front.