Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 15 Day 5- Paris

Today we got up early to go to Versailles. The tram had an accident issue so we had to hop on the rer. Figuring out how to get there on the rer was a little difficult but, we made it. Once we got in the gates we had to get in a long line that wrapped around the courtyard a couple of times. When we got in, we walked around inside, which was huge. Then we proceeded to the garden. The garden was gorgeous and the mirror fountain was such a delight. After leaving versaiolles we ran back to the dorm rooms to drop off some of our things before meeting everyone at the Eiffel Tower. After we got to the tower and got past security, we decide not to climb the tower because it was so high and we couldn't find anyone. Eventually we stumbled upon everyone and got in line with them. After we got our tickets it was time to start walking. The stairs seemed to never end. After we got to the first tier, most people decide to continue going up. After the tower, we all meet at the pier for the river cruise. The river cruise circled the canal and we got to see some of Paris greatest attractions.