Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 10- Day 1

So today is the day. After days of trying to mentally prepare myself, it's finally here. All the nervousness and anxiety I felt was gone by the time I woke up to prepare myself for this trip. But it didn't leave in vain. A new sense of woes and troubles arose on the ride to the airport. What if I don't find my group; or what if my luggage gets lost? But once I walked into the airport, I couldn't miss the group if I wanted to. A group of at least 60 people is hard to miss. So I stood around with everyone else and waited for further instructions. Once the roll was called and I received my boarding pass, I was still lost. Where do we go now? After following everyone else I made it through TSA only to find out I lost my boarding pass. I knew something was going to go wrong, I just didn't know what exactly. And boom, the shoe finally dropped. Luckily for me, everything is electronic so all I had to do was approach a Delta associate and show them my I.D. After I got that squared away I continued too look for everyone else and eventually I found a familiar face and had a seat. I even mingled a little. Once it was time for the flight to take of, I wasn't extremely nervous. Once we actually get in the air all of my worries came back. I guess you can say I got over my fears once we made it to Paris in one piece.