Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 13 Last Day in Amsterdam

Today is our last day in Amsterdam and also our free day. We did get to sleep in so i took full advantage of this. all of my roommates and i kind of woke up around the same time but it was after breakfast had already ended. So Jasmane, Meghan, and I decided to try a breakfast spot not too far from here called The Pancake Corner. I ordered an omlette with bacon inside it and it came with toast as well as a tomato and cucumber like most meals here in Amsterdam. I did learn that omlettes in the Netherlands are different from at home. It was more so flat and not folded over and it didn't have any cheese in it which is my favorite part! but, it was still okay overall. After breakfast Jasmane and I decided to catch up on some work and went over to the Mariott Hotel because the wifi over there is faster than in the hostel. the hostels wifi is not good at all manly because there are so many people using the same network. we sat over there for about an hour then decided to get out and hit the streets. We met up with Kempson and headed towards the shopping area close to dam square. I broke off from them once we got over close to the area to go to a thrift store that we passed on our first day here. I wanted to by my brother a suede bomber jacket and i got a hat for myself. As I was walking back from the thrift store i came across another market like area. this market didn't sell everything it was a clothing market! it was awesome! they had thrift shops, regular clothing, shoes, hats, everything clothing related. I didn't by anything over there because wanted to wait and see what i saw in Pull and Bear first because i heard they had really great sales. So i walked back to the shops off of dam square and went immediately to Pull and Bear! I was in a shoppers paradise right when i walked in I didn't know where to start! there were so many great sales it was hard to pass them up. Imade my way through the entire store and picked up things for my family as well as myself, it was great! After finishing up i met back up with Kempson and Jasmane and we went to grab some food. We were looking for an Indian food place to try but couldn't find one before we stumbled on this cafeteria style place. It was really big and looked kind of like an upscale cafeteria. they had fresh food in there everything was cooked to order. You had to walk around to the different type of food stands in there. There was asian food, pastas, pizzas, steaks, sandwhiches, a smoothie bar, salad bar, deserts, breads, everything you could think of! I didn't pay too much for it but the prices could add up very easily. the food was pretty good too.
We then cam back to the hostel and I packed up my things before we went to watch the pride march in vondelpark. This was pretty cool to see so many people come together in support of this community of people. After that we went by the grocery store to grab snacks for the long train ride in the morning. I have overall enjoyed Amsterdam its a beautiful and relaxed city with very cool vibes. I am not sad about leaving i am ready to take on the next city Berlin!