Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 15: Paris day 1

On our first day in Paris we had a walking tour scheduled at 1:00. When we got there it was very packed, there were 68 people on this walking tour. The tour lasted for about two hours and was very informative, it was also very hot today in Paris. We started the tour off in front of the St. Michaels fountain and the tour guide, Agathe, gave us a little history lesson about it. After that we went to Notre Dome and learned about the history of that, it was very hard to hear her because of all the people and we were standing towards the back. After that we saw the new bridge in Paris and saw where they had taken all the locks of the lock bridge, because it was weighing the bridge down. The next stop was the Le Louvre and we learned about how that used to be a palace to Napoleon, and we got to see the arch of triumph. After that we got some lunch and then headed back to campus. Overall today was a good day, just tiring from all the walking. I can't wait to explore more of Paris tomorrow though.