Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 16 Paris 7/4/16

This morning, I went to the pharmacy instead of orientation. I used Google translate (coolest invention ever) to tell the pharmacist my symptoms. She gave me a couple medications and I went on my way! I got ready for my class walking tour later. Macy, Court and I met our class for the walking tour and the group was over 60 people so it was hard to hear. My friends and I went to Notre Dame and took some nice pictures. Then, we went inside to tour it. It is one of my favorite Cathedral in the world (promise I have seen a lot even St. Peters). The Cathedral started to be built in 1163 and took more than 700 years until completion. I would love to go to mass there. After Notre Dame, it was time to get our shop on. We went to the Champs Elysees, where Macy found the perfect dress for tomorrow night (stay tuned). I finally got to go to Laduree and was so excited. We waited in line for a little bit, which is pretty typical of this store. I got two keychains for my handbags and of course macarons. For dinner, Macy wanted to take Court and I to her favorite restaurant in Paris. She told us we should try escargot. I got my own plate and loved it! Told my Mom and she was disgusted but Dad was proud of me!! I sent them pictures to prove it! hahaha What a fun day with many new experiences!