Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 17 7/5/16

  Today was hanging out with my professor, Dr. V. He is going to take us to lunch and walk around the city! I had a reaction to my medicine this morning so I was anxious about going. Macy, Courtney and I met him at the metro stop. Then Dr. V took our class to a famous falafel restaurant. I could not muster the courage to eat a falafel after smelling it, so I ate some fries and pasta. After lunch, we went to a pastry shop and I chose a pistachio ball as my pastries. There was a pastry that looked like a bar of soap from Lush! The walk to the park was really nice with great shopping. The park was so pretty and had a fountain. It was a nice escape from the city! The group laughed and enjoyed taking to each other.
  Then the trip took a turn for the worse (for me). We were walking to this special garden walkway when I became sick!! Luckily, I found a bathroom just in time. I was in no shape to keep going so Macy took me back to the University. I recovered for our big night while Macy got me some medicine. Oh yeah forgot to say, I am going to the MOULIN ROUGE dinner show tonight!! I have been looking forward to this night for months, so I had to feel well. Later, Macy, Court and I went to get our nails done and pick up a few things from the grocery store. We came back and got ready! I put on my dress, heels and red lipstick and was ready to go!! I got us an Uber ride and he arrived so quick that and didn't speak English. Court got us another one but Macy was still making her way to the street! After spotting the Uber, Court and I flagged him down and jumped in the car. Luckily, he spoke English and we told him we still had another friend! Macy got picked up and we were off to the show. It was 6:15 and the driver said it would be about a 43 min ride. I didn't realize but the show started at 7pm!!!! I panicked we weren't going to make it!!! I was trying to remain calm but didn't want the night to be ruined!! WE MADE IT TO THE SHOW BLESS!!! I screamed and tipped the driver a ridiculous amount hahaha!! The dinner was three courses with eye candy in the form a young french waiter :) For the first course I picked salmon, which ended up being raw and came with a pancake!! Macy, Court and I laughed about this for a solid 10 minutes! My main course was veal and dessert was a hazelnut bar!! The show was a 10/10 recommend!! I see why this venue is world famous!! I am so grateful I was able to go!!