Monday, July 13, 2015

(Day 2) Bastille Day

As Day 2 officially begins, I'm still overwhelmed with excitement of the trip but also because today is a French Holiday. Similar to the American Independence day, Bastille Day celebrates France's independence from great Britain. After attending orientation in the morning, the rest of the day was filled with exciting sightseeing. Today I visited my first historical landmark in Paris, the famous Notre Dame. Incredibly beautiful architecture made up this historical landmark and even though I wasn't able to go to the top, I was simply astonished from the ground view.

 Definitely a great way to celebrate Bastille day, however the real fun came later that night when we went to view the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower. From the moment we raced to the metro station untile the moment we actually stood in front of the tower was beyond surreal for me. Seeing the Eiffel Tower light up and sparkle in the night ans being surrounded by so many different people  was truly a beautiful experience. So as I reflex on day 2, I'm still completely excited and happy that I made the decision to come on this trip.