Monday, July 13, 2015

(Day 1) Premier Jour

Sunday, July 12th I began an incredible journy to study abroad in Europe. Very optimistic about every aspect of the trip, I was simply excited to be traveling. As I arrived to the airport being a little niave, I was not ready for the long layovers and the year long flight but still I maintained a certain level of excitement. After landing in France I was positive that my troubles were left in the U.S. and I was completely wrong. As soon as we left the airport I was faced with carrying a 42 pound suitcase and an extra duffle bag through several metro stations until we finally reached our hostel. Moreover, after arriving to what I thought would be paradise, I quickly realized that the French do not believe in air-conditioning-___-. Nevertheless, I remained optimistic, excited, and even amazed at what seemed to be a whole new world (Aladdin) to me. After settling into the hostel I was ready to go get my first euros from the ATM(BBHMM), however once I arrived at the ATM I realized that I brought the wrong bank card on the trip, thus having no access to money. From the beginning of the trip everything seemed to be going downhill and even with all the negative aspects of the first day, I remained confident that this was going to be an incredible trip. By the end of the day everything was situated, I felt better, and I was ready for the adventures of Tuesday.