Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 13 London 7/1/16

Today I am going to be a tourist, but nobody will be able to notice :) This morning the whole group went to the Tower of London. It wasn't really a tower but a collection of cool artifact from the UK. I was most excited to see the crown jewels!!! Macy, Courtney and I stood in line for forever and got really close to a giant crow. It ended up barking at us and scaring the crap out of me! When we finally got into see the jewels they took my breath away! The center diamond on the Queen's crown was 3,106 carats! I think the idea of a royal family is so cool and special. Tower Bridge was close by so we went to take pictures and they turned out great! Next, we met Dr. V to head to the London Eye. I had a hard time finding Dr. V because he wasn't wearing his salmon shorts. I ended up spotting him and then we were off! The London Eye was such a good view of the city! It started to drizzle why we were up there but we still got great pictures! After, we took pics in front of Big Ben before going to eat some diner. To round out a very touristy day, it was time to strike a pose on Abbey Road! I was nervous about running in front of cars that I forgot to strike the pose! Then we had to redo and it turned out great!