Saturday, July 2, 2016

London day 4&5

Days 4 & 5 were filled with lots of adventure. Day 4 we went and visited the museum of brands and did some research for our project. We went and had a marketing lesson with the groups and it was kind of a review for me since I already had basic marketing class. After this was over we got to walk through the museum and look at all of the different brands and how they have evolved with the times. This was interesting to me because I got to see brands from the year I was born up to the present day. After this was over we headed out to do some research for our project and when that was done we went off to bed.

Day 5 started off with a tour of the Bank of England and a mini economics lesson. The bank was interesting because we got to see how it all started and the authority they have as a bank since it is different in America. After this we went off to do some final things for our project for London and went to Abbey Road which you know is where the Beetles had their famous album cover taken. This was so fun because you had to time it just right to get the perfect photo. Today we also went to the tower of London and the London eye. Two touristy things that I wanted to do. They were both amazing and I was in awe that I was actually at these places that I had only seen in pictures.