Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 14: Travel day to Paris!

Traveling days are always so tiring, this travel day wore me out because we had to carry our luggage up and down many sets of stairs. The only good part was we didn't have to leave as early for when we left Dublin to go to London. We all woke up and got some breakfast and then had to get all of our luggage out of the room by 10, we then put our luggage in a storage room until we had to leave at 1. So a couple of us did some last minute souvenir shopping and walked around London just to waste some time. When 1 o’clock came around we had to get our luggage and carry it to the subway, which wasn't too bad. After that we rode the subway to the train station to get on the Eurostar. Most of us slept on the Eurostar because it was about a 2 hour ride. After arriving in Paris we got on the subway bus that took us to the college we were staying at. Once everyone got checked into there rooms it was about 9, so we went to this burger place across the street to get some food. After that some of us did laundry while others went to bed. I am very excited to be in Paris for two weeks!