Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 28, 2016
All About Those Brands
   Day 10 of GEC 1 Today we dropped on by the Museum  of Brands. It's a small museum created by Robert Opey who never three wrappers away. He believed if we throw away all we consume how will we know what it used to be. Fran continued to discuss the importance of keeping up with past packaging for brands. This is so you see how not only the company has developed but also to see how times have changed in advertising. For example, a lot of early brands had mostly writing, small canister/metal packaging, and little to no pictures and over the years they had less writing more pictures and the packaging is mostly plastic. So we learned about all the fantastic bits on how brands and packaging evolve to stay more up to date with times.

    After the brands museum we had to venture around London for found and stumbled across Nando's. The food and service was good, but do not go in expecting fried chicken, it's all grilled (the celebrities are instagraming wrong). Afterward homework was caught up on, which believe it or not it is very easy to get behind on and forget in all the excitement. ALSO something easy to forget is your bus pass! I got left and missed on china town all because I forgot my bus pass, so triple checking is essential! Good thing out of the bad was I got my interview from the receptionist at the university I am at. She's really cool and turns out we both love arctic monkeys! Always cool to see you have things in common with some random person across the globe. Anyway be back tomorrow with more London adventures