Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 29, 2016
Research, Research, Research!
    Day 11 of GEC 1 Euromonitor is the destination of the day. Euromonitor is a privately owned market research business. They primarily focus on strategic intelligence on markets . So in basic terms they compose and collect information from around any area of the world to sell to businesses. These businesses often use this information to make decisions or if and where to expand their company and, in a way, help their clients stay ahead of competitors by providing all this information. Overall the company trip was quite informative, as it was expected!( get it because they provide information). Definitely seems like a great place to work if you like traveling and gathering loads of information.
   After the  euromonitor excursion, me and my partner in crime decided to do a little research around London  ourselves. By that, we researched the food and store around campus to see what the style, sales, and taste of things were lol. Lots of souvenirs we purchased in the name of this research along with delicious pizza eaten (Italian food is great here).  Back to campus we went to do research on locals (another interview)  where we found a sweet fashion accessories  entrepreneur at the park. Which matched perfectly for my buddy, Eboni, whose going into fashion marketing. The conversation flowed easily and once again I was left amaze how people who live worlds apart came be so similar. Anyway logging off until tomorrow to see what the great Bank of England will teach me.