Friday, July 1, 2016

Day 11 London 6/29/16

The day started off by going on a company visit to Euromonitor. The visit was very informative and I found out they do research for other companies. The companies want research done to expand into new markets or to find out their top competitors to potentially buy them out. Euromonitor has employees doing on site research in over 80 countries and hopes to expand to 100 countries soon. I also found out that some countries, like Ethiopia it is more difficult to get research in.  During the visit we got to see a sample project that expanded research into 56 countries, the main markets were highlighted in bold. Before this visit, I thought that research was mainly done in the medical field but found out that it is a very lucrative business and really helps companies make informed decisions. To learn more go to
After the visit, I came back to the university to do laundry and get some homework done. The receptionist even gave me laundry detergent so I didn't have to buy any! I stress about laundry and always call my mom when I do it at school, so it was nice to have help. I got an interview with the receptionist and learned more about the city. Macy, Courtney and I went to Harrods later to do some research. I got a couple interviews, where I found out about summer trends for cosmetics. We ate pizza for dinner, which was delicious. Court and I split a sundae at the ice cream bar to finish off a fun day!