Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 11: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Today was a thousand times better than yesterday. Today I successfully completed two interviews, although I had to go to one establishment 3 times to get it. The first time I walked into Maplins I was asked to come back after their rush hour, which was after 3pm. We grabbed some lunch and walked around until 3:20pm. I returned back and waited for the manager but after 15 minutes I was told that he was on a conference call. Not wanting to be selfish with daylight, I decided that Id try to come back another time because my partners store was across the city and closed within 2 hours. 

Its hard being out in the city walking around trying get interviews when its cold and raining, especially when people arent so willing to grant them. After we got to the train station, traveled to our destination, then followed the walking directions given by Goggle, we discovered that the store wasnt where the internet said it was. We walked into a nearby store and asked the workers if theyd ever heard of the store or knew if it ounce existed on this street and all answered no.

Cold, wet, and frustrated we stood under an awning and googled the store again this time finding a different address. It was further away than we anticipated but we started walking. When we arrived we were greeted by closed doors, dark windows, and no hours of operations posted. By this time all my partner waited to do was go back to the school to shower, eat, and climb into a warm, DRY, bed. We started back to the school when I decided to give Maplins another chance. Thank God my partner agreed and was willing to change three trains to backtrack. It paid off because this time I got the interview. Mind you its Wednesday and we leave Sunday so the pressure was on to leave this city with SOMETHING. I guess the squeaky wheel does get the grease.