Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 12: Look Up

Today we visited the Bank of England. Unfortunately, it was cut short because the group arrived late due to the train station shutting down expectantly. Nevertheless, we still got to look at some cool and interesting things. Afterwards my partner and I went to The House of Vans which is a underground skate park. There were a few skaters skating in there but we were told by the staff that majority of them were at a skating event somewhere in the city.

After leaving that area we walked around some and did some sight-seeing. Everything here closes around 5 and 7, so after those hours there isnt anything to do but eat and walk around the city. Tonight it didnt rain so it was good to be able to see the lights dance in the sky while the citys noise filled the air. Sometimes I find myself so wrapped up in working that I forget to look up and look around. Im in London!!! Im in London riding the trains like Ive lived here for 1o years now, helping lost tourists find their way around, and giving advice on which spots to eat in the city.

Weve come a long way from the students that left Nashville two weeks ago. Weve faced many challenges but so far weve overcome them all. Its intimidating to be told that your assignment is to go to a city youve never been to and find places of particular interest and interview the owners or workers, but were doing it. Im doing it. Yes, many say no but, it feels amazing to hear that yes. Im proud of myself and proud of the progress Im making.