Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 12 London 6/30/16

I had a quiet morning doing homework. I had lunch at the university before the group headed out to the Bank of England. The Bank of England has a mission to regulate inflation and hold monetary strength for the good of the people of the UK. The bank prints all of the paper money. Each piece of currency has special holograms, paper feel and raised print to make it hard to fraud. This helps the money maintain its value. It is amazing to me that it only takes cents (in this case pents) for money to be produced but it is worth so much. This is based on the agreed upon value that the money can be used to purchase goods or services. Overall it was a great visit and I even got to try to pick up a solid gold block but failed hahaha. To learn more about the Bank of England you can visit them at

After the company visit, I explored the area of Chelsea. The architecture is very pretty and the people were friendly. It was a bigger town with a homey feel. I liked the mix of local and very popular shops. Later, Macy, Court and I went back to Harrods so I could get the purse I have been saving for! I finally got it an dam so excited!!! We wandered around the store and found ourselves in the fur coats and evening gown section, basically the next best thing to clothes and shoes. I touched a 320,000 pound sable fur coat that was imported from Russia. I would like to take that to the bank!!