Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 12: London day 5

Today we went to the Bank of England, but before heading to the bank I went to do some research. I got an interview from a skate store called Slick Willies and then just grabbed some lunch before heading over to the bank. At the bank we watch a video that explained how a banks work and what happens when a bank runs into a economic problem. After the bank I decided to go try for another interview. I got an interview at the skate store called Element and he was very nice and really helpful with stuff for my paper. After that I then headed over to the House of Vans skate park but the manager was out helping at a festival, I was still able to go look inside the skate park and it was amazing. I had never seen an underground skate park so big, it had a movie theater, two skateboarding areas, and two areas set up with art from Kensington college. I managed to get the owners email and emailed him, now I am just patiently waiting and hoping for him to reply. After leaving the House of Vans I got some dinner and then went back to the college to relax.