Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 1, 2016
I am a Conquerer
               Day 13 of GEC 1 and I'm screaming TGIF!! Today we get to see the Tower of London and the London Eye! So in short we saw the crowns jewels and where people were tortured and beheaded along with the best view of all of London! And yes it was just as great of a day as if sounds. I conquered my patience by standing in a ridiculously long line to see the Crown Jewels and yes it was worth it! The raw beauty of it all and the awe from how old and hard it was to make them were left me speechless. If not all, must of the Crown Jewels were made all the way back in 1661! And it's amazing how they've been kept up with for so long. The torture chambers weren't as awesome as I was expecting (and yes I was really excited about seeing it don't judge me). We learned that England did not actually use torture method often, so that explained why they're wasn't much too it.
               Next I conquered my fear of heights on the London Eye. And yes while it barely seems like it's moving and you're in a pod it's still quite petrifying to be up that high. You fall, you die is all I'm thinking the whole time. But regardless a remained calm took loads of deep breaths and pictures when I felt brave enough. The view truly was amazing you could see all of London, you were in the middle of the old and new side. Lastly, were conquered the Tube! The underground system actually becomes quite simple as long as you look at a map and remover
where you are and where you're going. After the Eye we were able to venture off on our own and while we stopped at many stores, the one that stuck the most was the Harry Potter store. Harry Potter was a huge aspect of my childhood so of course I had to check it out and it was every bit of awesome as I expected it to be! And that how I ended my day, with a little trip into the world of wizardry.