Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 12: London day 6

The Tower of London was one of our main excursions today, I was very exited to learn about the history here as well as seeing the famous tower bridge. When we arrived at the tower you could see the London tower bridge and it was so beautiful, it was the very first thing I noticed. When we entered the tower we leaned about the history and got to see the whole tower. We saw a replica area of the bedroom of where the King stayed, as well as seeing the replica area of his throne. My favorite part about the tower was getting to see the Crown Jewels, which were breathtaking, I liked how they had a conveyer belt to help move people along while seeing the jewels. It was also neat to learn about all the animals they used to have there., considering most of the animals were presents from other kings around the world. After the tower we grabbed some dinner since we were starving, we had took about 3 hours to look at the whole tower and see everything. After dinner we did a little shopping to get an outfit for the BeyoncĂ© concert we were attending tomorrow night. After finding our outfit we then headed back to the college to do a little bit of packing and go to bed.