Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 14 - Taking A Break

Today is Saturday and I'm on my way to sleep. It's been a very eventful day and we leave for Paris in the morning and I still havent packed. We're not leaving until 1pm so I'll have time to do it in the morning. One thing about this side of town is that there aren't many places to get food late at night. It's almost midnight and a few of us were hungry and searched our area for food but only found the train station to be open. I picked up a chicken sandwich, a slice of carrot cake, and some tea...everything was nasty except the tea.

Eating in this city has been an adjustment. A few days ago one of the other students was having a conversation with one of the cafeteria workers and stated that the M&M's here weren't as sweet as the ones back in the States. His reply was priceless..."How much sugar do you need!?! You're gonna become a diabetic you know." Although it was all in fun, it was the truth. Majority of the things you naturally gravitate to because of its familiarity will not be the same, especially a Sprite. All in all, it comes with the experience so you learn to deal with it.

Today was our "off" day so a few of us did what others wish they'd had... We went to the BeyoncĂ© concert at Wembley Stadium. I didn't get to see Rihanna in Dublin but this made up for it. I am one of the originals that purchased tickets in Nashville, but unfortunately our show was canceled and rescheduled for later this year. I'm still planning to go but, how many times does one have the opportunity to see BeyoncĂ© live in London?  Everyone there laughed, danced, sang, and had a good time. I, as well as everyone else that went, agreed it was worth it. We've enjoyed our trip thus far and this just made it even better.