Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 15 Travel Day 7/3/16

Today the group is traveling to our last stop, Paris!! I am still am not feeling very well but excited to go to Paris. I spent the morning doing homework with Courtney. We took the underground a few stops over and then got to the train station. The train station had lots of places to eat and was really nice. I was exhausted from carrying my bags especially because my whole body felt achy. All of our bags had to go through security and when I went through the metal detector it beeped, so I was searched up and down. Obviously, she didn't find anything so I went on my way! Finally when we board the train, a really cute guy lifted my luggage :) that mad my day!! I slept the whole time on the train. We finally arrived at the university and go settled in our room! They are nice and cozy with their own bathrooms so I am happy! Off to bed because I need the rest.