Sunday, July 3, 2016

London Day 6

Today was a major sight seeing/exploring day. We went to the Tower of London, Saw the Tower Bridge, and did the London Eye. Tower of London was very cool because that time in history is very interesting to me. It was fun to see the different armor and weapons and learn a little more about it, (like torturing for example.) Then we went to see the Crown Jewels. These was the most beautiful, extravagant, royal things I have ever seen. They literally took my breath away with all of the sparkles. I have never seen jewels so big. While we were waiting in line to see them outside, a giant crow made what I swear sounded like a barking noise at us. (That's important to the day because it was hilarious.) Also, after seeing the jewels Court literally fell over because she thought there was something to lean on and there was nothing there. Again, hilarious.

From here we got some caramelized peanuts and headed toward the Eye. I was a little nervous, because I'm extremely scared of heights, but I tried to keep my cool. The first thing that made me uneasy is that you had to get into the pod while the ferris wheel was still moving. Then I was a little nervous when we started going up but decided I needed to play it cool so I wouldn't get embarrassed but it didn't really work. I noticed that the doors we walked in on said "DO NOT LEAN AGAINST DOORS" and there were people right next to the doors! This was too much for me! I could not deal! These people were making me too nervous. So I started feeling dizzy and lightheaded and my hands were super clammy but I did better than I thought I would. When everyone moved away from the doors I could finally calm down enough to enjoy the views and I'm really glad that I did it, and I'm very proud of myself for not having a complete panic attack.