Sunday, July 3, 2016

Travel day to Paris

We woke up this morning and packed everything up to travel on. We had some time between the trips so Sierra and I finished up some homework while we waited. When it finally got time to go we grabbed our bags and headed to the train station. I was so sad to leave London I liked it so much and was finally really getting to know my way around! We made it to the train station and boarded up for the international train we would take to Paris. We grabbed some lunch at the train station and had just enough time to eat it before we boarded. I don't know much about the train ride, I slept and woke up juts in time to get off. After we got off we had to take the metro to the place we are staying at and it was kind of annoying having our suitcases with us but I managed. The metro here is like 10 times more crowded than London was. After we got off our campus was right there, blessed. We got our rooms and Macy, Sierra, and I went off to a cute little french place for some quick dinner and went back to campus to get some sleep! Traveling like that really makes me tired.