Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 30, 2016
Pounds on top of Pounds
   Day 12 of GEC 1 The excursion of the day was the Bank of England! Yes, the building looked equally as grand as the name. Many fun facts were learned on this trip such as that wasn't found until 1694 and before then goldsmiths (goldsmith bankers) were the bankers and hand out the promise notes. Also were learned the roles of the Bank of England. Their job was to keep financial system (flow of cash) constantly moving. The bank tackles risk and weaknesses that may possibly lead to economic failure, so they do such things like set interest rates higher or lower to keep cash flowing and a proper rate.  So the primary job their is to keep prices stable and maintain the value of money so the economy can stay afloat.
   After the excursion we continue on through the city. We ventured off into new places such as Covent Garden, where we did our duty to help the economy by imputing cash into the financial system. Then we ventured to the opposite side of town a wonder into the House of Vans skateboarding garage. While I cannot skateboard it was intriguing to see people maintain their balance and  do tricks, and even if they didn't land them the determination to get up and keep trying was still amazing. Plus their was a unique art gallery opening going on inside which was pretty cool in itself. So you could say we were well cultured today by getting out there and blending in with locals.