Monday, June 3, 2013

A Flash of Paris: June 3

Struggling to get back, suddenly the fire alarm triggered on but was a false alarm. I got back to bed at about 3am. The breakfast at the hostel was good but I still found the French bread unique and amazing. We had the Orientation at 10 am where all the dos and don’ts of the program were re-emphasized. Also, we were briefed about the interesting tours that have been planned for the week and after which everyone received his/her one week Paris pass to get on metro to anywhere in Paris.
Shortly after our class met with Dr. V; he gave us the first task of the day which is on retail comparison. We had to navigate by ourselves to Christian Louboutin store using the Metro and observe the store.  Thereafter, go to Latin Quarter to get some reasonable food to eat for lunch.  The Metro trip was fun and quite easy to get through to our destination than expected. Returned back to the hostel after a very success first day walk around Paris, I believe what I saw today was just the tips of the iceberg.
Back to my room, took a nap and after an hour start to type me report. My laptop nearly ran out power, now l realized that I have to buy another Europe to US adapter for me to get my work done. On my way back from the electronics store I quickly branched at the wine store called Caviste Nicolas very close by the Hostel and scheduled an interview for tomorrow with the owner. This made it two interviews for me tomorrow. Finally, chilling at the hostel organizing myself for the tasks ahead knowing it going to be a super busy day.