Monday, June 10, 2013

Versailles, Our Last Day in Paris - June 8

The highlight of my trip came on our last full day in Paris.  It was there that we went to Versailles, a palace created by Louis XIV. Since the current palace in Paris apparently was not big enough, Louis decided to make this insane palace 15 miles away from Paris that had a vast and almost endless number of customized gardens and fountains.  The palace itself was grand, but the gardens was the treat of the area.  

This area was so large that it is almost impossible to finish in one day.  Marie Antoinette also had a very large garden area nearby but we didn't have time for that. There is also an amazing human-built canal in the back entrance of Versailles that is now a public garden.  There were many locals and tourists around that area, picnicking, sun-bathing, and just enjoying the beautiful water while hearing classical music in the background.

Although we were tired when we arrived back in the hostel, we all mustered up enough energy to cook dinner at the hostel and then go to Latin Quarter again for one last evening in Paris.  Paris, I will miss you. And your metro subway.