Monday, June 10, 2013

US Embassy and Brussels Greeters:Day 10: Monday June 10, 2013

We started the first business day at Brussels with the visit to the U. S. embassy in Brussels. It took us about 15 minutes to walk down to the Embassy. We had two presentations for the day. The first was on “Doing business in Belgium” by Ira Bel while the second was on “overview of Belgium Economy” by Macro Sotelinco. The presenters were so knowledgeable in this topic that they gave us very clear, precised and useful information both from cultural stand point and the economy perspective of Belgium. I found these presenters so excellent that I don’t even mind spending more time at the Embassy. The meeting was hosted at the Embassy media section and it was nice seeing different pictures of the president Obama displayed along the aisle at the Embassy. We returned from the Embassy at about 12.40pm and Dr. V took us out for lunch at the city mall just 5 minutes walk away from the hostel.
Again, at 6pm we met with the Brussels greeters called Thomas. He took us round some interesting place in the city where we saw the famous peeing boy of Brussels and the peeing girl. 
The Peeing Boy: Symbol of Brussels
 Thomas was very funny and interesting person anybody will like to hang out with together. We ended the tour with a dinner at the Drug Opera restaurant where we had a very delicious Belgian food and i got to taste muscles. It was a great day today and good start in Brussels. I hope to see and experience more of the Belgian culture before we leave.