Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Home bound, June 22 (Day 22)

I only had a 2 hours sleep for obvious reasons, but was on time to for our planned departure time of 7:00 am. the mood was not the usual high and bubble this morning but had a look of contention as we rolled our bags into the Taxis that had been called to convey us to the airport. Although we all talked about the layover that we were going to have in Detroit but nobody really wanted to talk about it, for me i could think of an extra complication of going through immigration on getting to the USA but felt mentally prepared for it. On getting to the airport we all went to get our boarding pass and i got mine out pretty fast and had to wait for the others. We all got our passes cleared customs and immigration in Netherlands pretty easy and got on the plane, it was a pretty smooth flight back to the US and i even had time to watch Les Miserable and hangover 2 before landing. I was surprised immigration wasn’t the nightmare I had anticipated neither was clearing customs as someone’s bag had to be rechecked because she had an apple but everything went extra smooth with me. We got to the waiting area and we all started passing time by getting busy anyway we deemed fit, however the mood changed a little when we heard we were going to be further delayed another 2 hours because the plane did not have enough passengers. At the end of the day we left Detroit and got to Nashville in one tired peace. We all said our goodbyes with smiles on our faces as our loved ones helped us whisk our bags into our cars and off we left with the memories of the 3 great European cities and the lifelong friends we had made in our 3 weeks journey. Thanks TNCIS for this beautiful opportunity.