Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Walking Tour Plus!!!!! Day 6: June 6,2013

I woke up very late because I was trying to make up for all my late night sleep. I rushed to shower, so as to meet up for the Paris walking tour. At exactly 10.30am Kay, mark and I proceeded to the St. Michael fountain (the meeting point for the 3 hours tour). It was a cool activity to start the business of the day. The tour was led by a tourist guy named Adams.
The tour started at the St. Michael fountain and end at the Arc. Immediately after the tour, Mark, Kay and I headed to the Notre dame cathedral. Notre dame will be celebrating its 850 years anniversary this year. The architectural structure is wonderful and I kept imagine the number years and manpower it took to complete the whole structure. The pillars, paintings and sculptors on the walls are just really amazing.
On returning to the hostel at about 4.30pm hoping to have a quick nap but I had to walk around to find the nearest wine specialist store to get more work done. Fortunately, I found another Nicolas wine store few miles away for the hostel. I quickly requested for interview with the manager. It was a little difficult interviewing the manager because he understands English but not proficient in it. But with the help of his Intern (an English speaking German lady), the interview was very successful. I quickly returned back to meet up with the next group  trip to Musée des arts et métiers scheduled for 5.30.
Lastly, I returned to the Eiffel tower with some friends for another pleasant moment to catch the fun for the evening. This time I was able to climb the tower to the second level. It is about over 300 steps to the first level and I really enjoy the panorama of Paris form the Eiffel tower from the second level. No doubt, I enjoyed every moment on the Eiffel tower.