Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Godmother Films, June 20, 2013

      Plans for the day today consisted of listening to a guest speaker. Her name was Zoe D’Amaro and she worked in Advertising. She had done quite a few projects, such as commercials for Greenpeace and a few documentaries. Zoe explained that she was heavily involved in activism and she incorporated much of that into her work. But, for money’s sake she had to work for commercial purposes as well. I thought she was a very interesting presenter, and I loved her presentation. Out of all the guest speakers we’ve had on this trip, Zoe was my favorite for sure. I thought her Greenpeace commercial mimicking the Dove commercials was incredible. She and her crew did a wonderful job replicating the style and getting their point across. As an activist myself, it was inspiring to see someone taking their passion and making a living out of it.
The rest of my day was free, so after dinner, I went out with the group and hung out. We went to a local pub and sat down for a while and chatted. We had planned on going in Paradiso, because it seemed really cool from the outside. Paradiso is a night club that is inside an old church. The aesthetic was really neat, but we ended up deciding against it. My group and I just ended up talking together for the rest of the night. This was fine with me, because I love the friends that I have made on this trip. The travelling was amazing itself, but making friends totally makes the entire trip so much better. I have made so many great memories with these people, and I can’t imagine myself not staying in touch with them. I am going to miss them once this trip ends. Hopefully we’ll have lots of time together on our last days in Europe.