Sunday, June 9, 2013


Today was our first day out into the world of Paris. Our professor, sadly, didnt come with us. But luckily our classmate Mark came to the rescue in order for us to figure out the metro. I for one have NEVER been good a reading maps, only word directions, so I knew I couldnt be of any help. Luckily, our class made it to the store. I have never been to the Christian Loboutin store, and  I was highly impressed. There was a security guard that had to let you in the store, and it felt like they watched you like a hawk. When in the store, I was impressed with the types of shoes that were on display. The shoes had no price tags on them; I assume because the people who can afford the shoes, don't care about the price tags. The types of people in the store were young hipsters who were successful. Another type of person I saw were the middle age working class, yet highly successful. One young Asian guy in particular walked out of the store with four shopping bags, and at a minimum of a $4,000 per pair of shoes, I dont think it was a stretch to say he was pretty successful. After we took all of our pictures and looked at what was around us, we headed to the Latin Quarter to see what it was about. I believe it is one of my favorite spots of Paris I have seen so far. It had so many vendors, food, bars, different types of people. It was a really fun interesting place to be. I can honestly say I enjoyed myself. After we went to the Latin Quarter, we went back to the hostel and crashed because they told us we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. I am enjoying Paris so far.