Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Journey of a thousand steps, June 5(Day Five)

Woke up this particular morning feeling flyer than any other day, finally i got a complete six hour sleep, went through the regular routine of breakfast (which had lost most of its appeal because I have had the same thing four days in a row), shower and get ready to hit the streets of Paris. I checked in with my good friend GOOGLE on some of the addresses I intended to interview from and felt quite confident I was going to get some interviews done. By this time the Metro subways of Paris was at my finger tips, planned my route and rolled out in style wearing a T-shirt that had the flag of France on its hand. Navigated the subways excellently and got out at Champs Ellyees, a beautiful paradise for shoppers with stores that carried the Big names, like the Louis Vuitton, Nike, Adidas, and a host of others my first stop was the Adidas store since my project was on sports retail store, met a pleasant young lad called Juliano, who I conducted my first interview with, the second and third (yes third) interview went pretty much as good as the first. We explored a little of Champs Ellyees wondering in an out of stores. We had to hurry back in time to meet up with the group cause we had a group visit to the counterfeit museum, I must say some of the counterfeit felt better than the originals and most definitely would have cost a lot less. We went through the counterfeit museum rather quickly partly because it was an unguided tour. After we left the museum our professors took us to Saint Paul to eat Fallafel at the Jewish district, the food there was finger licking, tongue biting delicious and was enough to ask for a take away pack (To go box). We finished eating got desserts and started the long walk through Paris, walking through beautiful packs with fountains and people laying down and relaxing and a few making out (of course you would expect a lot of PDA’s in Paris), we walked through a lot of ancient and magnificent buildings and massive churches. We saw the first gas station or gas pump in this situation conveniently located on a street like a street light. I saw some comrades playing Capoeira on the street and joined them for a quick game. We kept walking and got to an over head walk pass called promenade plantee that had flowers on every side and spanned more than 3 km. The walk was a good walkout but was bad for the food I just ate. Well we eventually got to the end of the walk way and said goodbye to Dr V who had to go take care of some things. We went back to Champs Ellyees with Dr Diane, hung out a bit and i could feel my feet hurt from all the moving around so i knew it was time to throw in the towel for the day. I must say if you think the only reason you are in Paris is to see the Eiffel I must warn you, you are in for an adventure of a life time. Paris is a beautiful place to learn, love and explore.