Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Final Museum day and the showers of blessing, June 21 (Day 21)

The trip was gradually coming to an end and It was no surprise to me that the showers of blessing would be opened to me, I felt the little umbrella I had bought in Paris was going to be my saviour but I was in for a rude awakening when my umbrella turned the wrong way. Well that still did not stop me from going out that day, I took the tram this time since I knew I didn’t have time to walk around because I knew i wanted to get to as many museums as possible plus i had a free pass anyway. My first stop was the Anne Frank house, the queue at the house was so long and the rain was pouring, it took almost forever for me to get in. From there I went straight to the Amsterdam museum which was a rich history of how Amsterdam was founded, how the city was built, their economic prosperity, the invasion by the Spanish invasion, the revolution that sent back the Spanish and how they started rebuilding their economy again, the French invasion by Napoleon, the Nazi invasion during ww 2, how the Dutch tried to stand up for the Jews during the Nazi occupancy of Netherlands, the Anne Frank story, the end of the war and liberation of Netherland, Dutch tolerance and their argument for tolerating cannabis. From there I went to the Van Gogh museum, a collection of Van Gogh’s arts in a four story building, it states how Van Gogh started his works and had to train himself to learn about perspectives in art, because it didn’t come natural to him, his experiments with colors and how people he met changed the way he paints, the sad part was he died without having kids to inherit the royalties for his paintings. From there I wanted to go to the Rijksmuseum, but I wasn’t ready to pay to go into any art museum with the amount of paintings i had seen in the last 3 weeks that wasn’t just going to happen.
In the evening I went for the Heineken experience which was worth every cent I paid and three glasses of freshly brewed Heinekens beer, the only sad part was I couldn’t go retrieve my gift from there gift store because i had to come back to the hostel in time for dinner and the canal cruise that was to follow. The canal cruise was an exciting ride as we got to see Amsterdam from the canals.
The night was a mixture of excitement and feeling of leaving people and places you have grown attached to but every good thing must have an end and for this beautiful trip the end was here.