Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 7: Versailles/ Last day

Today we all decided to go to Versailles. We had heard it had some really beautiful architectures, plus it was where royalty once lived. It took about 45 minutes on the train and the tickets were only like 6 euros for a round trip ticket. When we got there, we ran into some other TNCIS folks. Because they'd got there earlier than us, they told us some of the sights that were a must-see; such as the gardens. Turns out you have to pay for the gardens separately, it wasn't included in our pass. Needless to say, we decided to pass on the gardens. We saw the palace which had separate museums that showcased some of the apartments where past kings and queens lived. The beds inside the apartments were pretty small but the apartments themselves were beautifully decorated. Somehow three roommates lost the other three roommates between Marie-Antoinette's house and this huge maze that looks like it goes through all of Versailles. About an hour later we found them outside of the Starbucks which was refreshing, because we wouldn't have to get back on the train without them. Walking through Versailles was painful! Most of the sidewalk is made out of cobblestone and even if you have gym shoes on, after a while it still hurts. Being that this is our last night in Paris, I'm kinda sad and glad at the same time. I really enjoyed Paris: the food, the architecture, tours, fashion, etc, but I'm also ready to see what the rest of Europe has to offer. Brussels here we come.!